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Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn’s travel writing career has taken her from hot, tropical beaches to bustling Asian hubs. Whether she’s sipping cocktails at an opening in Bangkok, sailing down the Malacca Straits or blissing out on a shirodara treatment in Sri Lanka, she’ll find a way to share these adventures with her friends and fans through stories, pictures and video. Dawn’s intimate knowledge of  Asian travel, food and culture keep bringing her back to the region.

Dawn’s stories and photos cover Asian destinations from Bangkok to Bali, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and Java. They can be found online and in print publications in the USA and Asia.

Partial list of publications:

  • Discovery Magazine (Cathay Pacific)
  • Beyond Magazine (Thai Airways)
  • ThingsAsian.com
  • DawnDelvecchio.com
  • Robb Report Vacation Homes Magazine
  • Tropical Living Thailand Magazine
  • Asia-Pacific Tropical Homes Magazine
  • Phuket Magazine
  • Santa Fe Trend Magazine
  • Santa Fe Visitor’s Guide
  • Bangkok Post’s THE Magazine

You’ll also find her stories in:

  • The Gunnison Country Times
  • MexicoXpatz.com
  • Vivatravelguides.com
  • In Residence Magazine
  • Phuket Post
  • The Bangkok Trader
  • Apartment Living Magazine
  • The Big Chilli Magazine
  • Untamed Travel Magazine
  • Youplanet.com
  • Global Sailing News
  • Sailworld.com
  • Van Nuys News


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