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Douglas Eagen

Chef Doug has a penchant for the pastiche of Asian flavors. Throw him some galangal, peppercorns or curry; toss him a coconut, kaffir lime leaf or chili, and he’ll have you salivating before the food hits the plate!

Doug’s first trip to the Orient was a mind-opener. The sights, smells and tastes, the markets, heat and hub-bub all worked their magic on this self-proclaimed “mountain boy”. Despite the heat and hustle, he’s ready to call the region home for awhile, shifting from Western kitchen maestro to street-side student. He’ll be expanding his already considerable talents to include the likes of Sri Lankan sambols, Isaan’s firey flavors and delicious Nyonya dishes. Join Doug as he wanders islands, peninsulas and ancient cities to find the secret masters and mamma-sans of authentic Asian cooking.


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