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Learning to Sail II

Of frogs, fast cats and future instructors. During the second weekend, we sailed aboard The Frog one of a fleet of small, very fast racing catamarans called Fireflies, designed and built in Phuket. The course was lead by two local…


Bangkok Transport I

Most visitors to Bangkok get around by sky train, underground, metered cabs or tuk-tuks. But if you want to go local with a little flair, try a motorcycle taxi through the city’s traffic-laden streets. When do four lanes turn into…


Bangkok Transport II

Traveling around Bangkok by tuk-tuk is an experience not to be missed! “Three-Wheeled Nightmares,” “Devil’s Minions,” “Pollution Promoting Health Hazards,” . . . these are just a few of the derogatory terms given to that distinctly Bangkokian mode of transport:…