Organized Chaos, A Bangkok Market

Organized Chaos, Why you should  visit a Bangkok Market

In the midst of this  nonstop city lies its soul.  It is perhaps my favorite aspect     of this bustling city.  The local Talat. Organized chaos in a parking lot, whose purpose is the procurement of produce, pork, purses, parsley, plasma tv, pung     kru, papaya, persimmon, pomegranite, presto glue on stickers, and all kinds of   other plastic flotsam. And all for a pittance.

You can also find computer stands, donuts, noodles, sticky rice, tea, shoes,        dresses, pants, belts, amulets, and watches. All set next to stands with food on a stick, every part from every animal worthy of display,soups, salads, senyai, fruit drinks with wide straws to slurp down the little black balls of gelatinous gloob, and coffee in a bag, yes thats right folks coffe in a bag.

Add a film of sweat, oral visual, and offilitary stimulation. Brushing elbows,  trading smiles and baht. I am in my own private Nirvana. This is the Thaiand I came to see. The day to day lives of the ordinary citizens going about their daily buisness. The colours, textures, smells, and tastes come alive in these hidden alleys, corners and parking lots. So crook your neck to the side and take a walk under the low hanging umbrellas. Embrace your time sticking out like the tourist that you truly are. You cant hide it here in the soul of this city, its neighborhood market.


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