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Cortana Not Working Lets see how we can solve it

You may use the above-mentioned strategies to acquire your Edge browser working and prevent disruptions in your work. Remember that the administrator privileges are essential that you execute the tasks necessary to resolve the error. Restart the computer after the…


7 Distinctions of Asian Culture

Is there a Pan-Asian Zeitgeist? What makes Asia Asia? Is it simply a matter of geographic location? Is it related to cultural traditions, mores or habits? Is it about climate, language families or something else all together? And for that…


Thai Massage III

Finally, there is foot reflexology or simply “Thai foot massage”. These are my personal favorites, and I have had many, many foot massages over the years. Yesterday, I went to what I consider to be the best place on the…


Thai Massage II

There are three main massage-type treatments that are now considered uniquely Thai: nuat Thai (literally: Thai massage), luk prakorb, (an herbal compress used to warm muscles before massage), and foot reflexology. Unlike the more common Swedish style massage of the…


Thai Massage I

Thailand has a rich legacy of healing arts that come from both ancient Chinese practices and India’s Ayurvedic healing methods. The Thai’s took what they learned from these traditions and over time, morphed them into something of their own. The…


Thai Classical Dance

Masked monkeys scratch and fidget before their king, demons march to battle, and royalty bedecked in gold and gemstones are wheeled across the stage. This is Khon: royal Siam, ancient theatre, epic tale. On a poster along the walls of…